Reconciling your skills and proficiencies with an appropriate employer is our deal. We unravel strenuous job searching to bring opportunities right at your fingertips. We would gladly partner with you to help you enjoy the following perks in life:

  • ADDITIONAL SUSTAINABLE INCOME as you dictate the valuable rate for your services;
  • APPRECIATE FLEXIBLE HOURS that gives you more time to spend to your family & love ones;
  • And BE YOUR OWN BOSS as you need not to report to anyone but your client.

Simply create your profile and we will match you with suitable projects with the valuable price that we can offer for your expertise on the following services:

Project Feasibility Study

This program helps entrepreneurs determine the viability of the business providing expert advice on its desired goal, may it be for launching or for expansion.

Business Registration and Compliance

We make sure of the integrity of the company in terms of legalities and proper compliance to all the regulations set by the government - SEC/DTI, BIR and your Local Government.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

We assist entrepreneurs in setting up book accounts to ensure proper and accurate reporting of business information.

Business Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

We will help plan on all the aspects of the business, from budgeting to developing goals to get on board with the implementation of growth plans.